Jocurile anului 2010

Denumire Data
1 15 Days Jun-25-2010 Adventure,  Mystery,  Crime
2 A Farewell to Dragons Feb-05-2010 Action,  RPG,  Fantasy
3 A.I. War: The Zenith
Jan-13-2010 Strategy,  Sci fi,  War
4 <ahref="">Achtung
Panzer: Kharkov 1943</a>
Feb-25-2010 Strategy,  War,  Historic
5 Afterfall: Insanity Q1 2011 Shooter,  Action,  Horror,  Mystery, 
6 Age of Conan: Rise Of The
May-11-2010 Online,  RPG,  Action,  Social,  Fantasy
7 Age of Pirates: Captain
Apr-10 Fantasy,  Action,  Adventure
8 Alan Wake May-14-2010 Mystery,  Adventure 
9 Alien Breed Evolution - Episode
Dec-16-2010 Arcade,  Action,  Shooter,  Sci fi,  Retro
10 Alien Breed Impact Jun-03-2010 Shooter,  Arcade,  Action,  Sci fi,  Retro
11 Alien Dominion: The Acronian
Apr-05-2010 Shooter,  Arcade,  Sci fi
12 <a
vs Predator</a>
Feb-19-2010 Sci fi,  Horror,  Shooter,  Action, 
13 Aliens: Colonial Marines 2010? Sci fi,  Horror,  Shooter,  Strategy, 
14 Alliance of Valiant Arms 2010? War,  Shooter,  Online
15 Allods Online 2010? RPG,  Action,  Fantasy
16 <a
May-28-2010 Sci fi,  Stealth,  RPG,  Action, 
17 Alter Ego Q1 2010 Adventure,  Mystery,  Retro
18 American McGees Alice 2 2011 Comedy,  Horror,  Action,  Adventure, 
19 Amnesia: The Dark
Aug-15-2010 Adventure,  Horror 
20 <a
1404: Venice</a>
Feb-25-2010 Sandbox,  Historic,  Management
21 APB Jul-02-2010 Social,  Crime,  Online,  Action,  Shooter
22 Arcania: A Gothic Tale 2010 RPG,  Action,  Adventure,  Fantasy, 
23 Archon Classic Apr-08-2010 Strategy,  Arcade,  Retro
24 Arma II: Operation
Jun-29-2010 Shooter,  Action,  Sandbox,  War, 
25 Assassins Creed 2 Mar-05-2010 Stealth,  Historic,  Sandbox,  Action, 
26 Assassins Creed:
Dec-10 Action,  Sandbox,  Stealth,  Historic, 
27 Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 2011 Action,  Crime,  Stealth
28 Battle vs Chess Q2 2010 Strategy,  Arcade,  Fantasy,  Retro, 
29 <a
Bad Company 2</a>
Mar-05-2010 War,  Shooter,  Online
30 Battlefield: 1943 Q2 2010 Historic,  War,  Shooter,  Online, 
31 Beat Hazard Apr-15-2010 Arcade,  Shooter,  Sci fi,  Retro, 
32 Bionic Commando Rearmed
2010 Arcade,  Action,  Retro,  Sci fi, 
33 <a
Feb-09-2010 Horror,  Shooter,  RPG
34 Black Circle Apr-04-2010 Adventure,  Puzzler,  Mystery
35 Black Prophecy 2010? Sci fi,  War,  Vehicle Sim,  Online,  RPG
36 Blacklight: Tango Down Summer 2010 Shooter,  Action,  Sci fi,  War, 
37 BlackShot May-12-2010 Shooter,  Online,  Sci fi,  War, 
38 Blade Kitten Sep-10 Arcade,  Action,  Sci fi
39 Blood Bowl: Legendary
Q4 2010 Sport,  Strategy,  Comedy,  Fantasy, 
40 Blur May-28-2010 Racing,  Arcade,  Vehicle Sim
41 Bob Came in Pieces Jan-22-2010 Adventure,  Arcade,  Puzzler,  Retro, 
42 Borderlands: The Secret Armory of
General Knoxx
Feb-25-2010 Shooter,  RPG,  Sci fi
43 Brink Q4 2010 Sci fi,  Shooter,  Online
44 Bulletstorm 2011 Shooter,  War 
45 Bully 2 2010? Sandbox,  Comedy,  Crime
46 Call of Duty 7 Nov-09-2010 Stealth,  War,  Shooter,  Action, 
47 Carrier Command: Gaea
2010 Vehicle Sim,  Adventure,  Management
48 City Defense - The Road Q2 2010 Strategy,  Fantasy,  Puzzler
49 City of Heroes 2 2011? Online,  RPG,  Action,  Social,  Crime
50 City Rain Feb-12-2010 Sandbox,  Strategy,  Management,  Puzzler, 
51 Civilization V Sep-24-2010 Strategy,  Management,  War
52 Command & Conquer 4 Mar-19-2010 War,  Strategy 
53 Commander: Conquest of the
Jun-30-2010 Strategy,  Sandbox,  Management,  Historic, 
54 Craft of Gods May-27-2010 Online,  RPG,  Social,  Fantasy, 
55 Crasher Late 2010 Vehicle Sim,  Shooter,  RPG,  Sci fi,  Racing
56 Crysis 2 Late 2010 Sci fi,  Stealth,  Shooter
57 Dark Void Jan-15-2010 Sci fi,  Action 
58 Darkness Within 2: The Dark
May-21-2010 Adventure,  Horror,  Mystery
59 Darksiders Jun-10 Action,  Adventure,  Fantasy
60 <a
of War II - Chaos Rising</a>
Mar-12-2010 Strategy,  Action,  RPG,  Sci fi,  War
61 Dawntide 2010 Online,  Fantasy,  Social
62 DC Universe Online Q4 2010 Social,  Fantasy,  Online,  RPG,  Action
63 Dead Rising 2 Sep-03-2010 Horror,  Shooter,  Action
64 Dead Space II Q1 2011 Shooter,  Action,  Horror,  Sci fi, 
65 Deathspank 2010 Adventure,  RPG,  Comedy,  Fantasy,  Action
66 Deponia 2010? Adventure , 
67 Deus Ex 3 2011 Sci fi,  Stealth,  Shooter,  RPG, 
68 <a
2011 Fantasy,  Action 
69 Disciples III:
2010? Fantasy,  Strategy 
70 Distant Worlds Mar-25-2010 Strategy,  Sci fi,  Management
71 Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Jun-05-2010 Adventure,  Sci fi 
72 Doom 4 2010? Sci fi,  Horror,  Shooter,  Action, 
73 <a
Age: Origins - Awakening</a> 
Mar-16-2010 RPG,  Fantasy 
74 Dragon Age: Origins - Darkspawn
May-18-2010 RPG,  Fantasy 
75 Dragon Age: Origins - Return To
Feb-05-2010 RPG,  Fantasy 
76 Dragon Sky 2010? Stealth,  Social,  RPG,  Online,  Action
77 Drakensang: The River of
Aug-10 Fantasy,  RPG 
78 Duke Nukem Forever Unknown Sci fi,  Comedy,  Shooter,  Action, 
79 Dungeon Hero 2010? Comedy,  Fantasy,  Action,  Adventure,  RPG
80 Dungeon Lords: The Orb and the
2010? Fantasy,  RPG,  Action
81 Dungeon Siege 3 TBA RPG,  Fantasy 
82 Edge of Twilight 2010? Sci fi,  Fantasy 
83 Elemental: War of Magic Aug-10 Fantasy,  Management,  Strategy
84 Elements of War Q3 2010 Online,  Strategy,  Social,  War, 
85 Elite 4 2011? Sci fi,  Management,  Vehicle Sim,  Action,  Arcade
86 Empire of Sports 2010? Sport,  RPG,  Social
87 End Of Nations 2011 Online,  Strategy,  War,  Social, 
88 Eschalon: Book 2 May-12-2010 Fantasy,  RPG 
89 Eve Online: Tyrannis May-26-2010 Online,  Vehicle Sim,  Shooter,  Sci fi,  Social
90 Everquest II: Sentinels
Feb-16-2010 Online,  RPG,  Fantasy
91 F.E.A.R. 3 Autumn 2010 Shooter,  Horror 
92 F1 2010 Sep-01-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Sport,  Racing
93 Fable II Oct-24-2010 RPG,  Sandbox,  Adventure,  Fantasy, 
94 Fable III Q4 2010 Sandbox,  Adventure,  RPG,  Fantasy, 
95 Fairytale Fights 2010 Action,  Adventure,  Fantasy,  Comedy, 
96 Fallout Project V13 2011? Online,  RPG,  Action,  Sci fi,  Social
97 Fallout: New Vegas Oct-22-2010 Sci fi,  RPG,  Sandbox,  Action, 
98 Far Cry 3 2011 Shooter,  Sandbox,  Crime
99 FIFA 2010: World Cup Apr-27-2010 Sport,  Arcade,  Management
100 FIFA 2011 Oct-10 Sport,  Arcade,  Management
101 FIFA Online Aug-01-2010 Sport,  Online,  Management
102 Fill Up 2 Feb-02-2010 Arcade,  Management,  Comedy
103 Final Fantasy XIV: A Crystalline
2010 Online,  RPG,  Social
104 Flotilla Mar-01-2010 Shooter,  Strategy,  Sci fi,  Mystery, 
105 Front Mission Evolved Q2 2010 Sci fi,  Action,  Shooter
106 Gates of Andaron 2010? RPG,  Strategy,  Management,  Fantasy, 
107 Gatheryn Unknown RPG,  Adventure,  Fantasy
108 Gears of War 2 2010? Sci fi,  Shooter 
109 Ghost Pirates of Vooju
Feb-19-2010 Adventure,  Comedy,  Fantasy
110 Global Agenda Feb-01-2010 Sci fi,  Stealth,  Online,  Shooter,  Action
111 Gods and Heroes: Rome
2010? Online,  Historic,  Fantasy
112 Grand Ages: Rome - The Reign of
Jan-25-2010 Strategy,  Historic,  War
113 Greed Corp Feb-24-2010 Strategy,  Management,  Fantasy
114 GTA IV - Episodes From Liberty
Apr-16-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Sandbox,  Shooter,  Crime,  Comedy
115 Guild Wars 2 2010? Fantasy,  RPG,  Online
116 Guns of Icarus May-12-2010 Shooter,  Online,  Sci fi,  Social, 
117 Gyromancer 2010? RPG,  Puzzler,  Fantasy
118 Half-Life 2: Episode 3 2011 Sci fi,  Horror,  Shooter,  Vehicle Sim,  Adventure
119 Halo: Reach Sep-14-2010 Shooter,  Sci fi 
120 Hamlet Apr-08-2010 Adventure,  Comedy,  Retro
121 Hearts of iron III: Semper
Jun-06-2010 Strategy,  War,  Historic
122 Heavy Duty 2010 War,  Strategy 
123 Heist Unknown Crime,  Action,  Sandbox
124 Hellion: Mystery of the
Sep-01-2010 Shooter,  Arcade,  Horror,  Historic, 
125 Heroes In The Sky Summer 2010 Online,  Action,  Vehicle Sim,  Historic,  War
126 Heroes of Might and Magic
2010? Fantasy,  RPG,  Adventure,  Strategy, 
127 Heroes of Newerth May-12-2010 Strategy,  Online,  RPG,  Fantasy,  War
128 Heros Journey 2010? Fantasy,  Online,  RPG
129 Highlander 2010 Stealth,  Historic,  Action,  RPG,  Adventure
130 Hitman 5 2010 Stealth,  Crime,  Shooter
131 Homefront 2010 War,  Mystery,  Shooter
132 Hotel Giant 2 Jan-26-2010 Sandbox,  Management 
133 Hotel Mogul Feb-15-2010 Sandbox,  Management 
134 House MD May-10-2010 Strategy,  Adventure,  Puzzler,  Mystery, 
135 Hunted: The Demons Forge 2010? Shooter,  Action,  Fantasy
136 I Am Alive 2011 Shooter,  Action,  Sci fi
137 Inquisitor Q1 2010 RPG,  Online,  Adventure,  Historic, 
138 Interstellar Marines 2010 Sci fi,  Shooter,  RPG,  Adventure, 
139 Iron Man 2 The Video
May-04-2010 Arcade,  Action,  Sci fi,  Fantasy, 
140 Jagged Alliance 3 Unknown Management,  Retro,  Strategy,  RPG, 
141 Joe Danger Jun-10 Arcade,  Racing,  Comedy
142 Jumpgate Evolution Spring 2010 Sci fi,  Social,  Online,  RPG,  Vehicle Sim
143 Just Cause 2 Mar-26-2010 Comedy,  Action,  Sandbox,  Shooter, 
144 Kane and Lynch 2: Dog
Aug-24-2010 Crime,  Shooter 
145 Kingdom Under Fire 2 Q4 2010 Fantasy,  War,  Action,  Strategy,  Online
146 Kings and Castles 2011? Strategy,  War 
147 Kings Bounty:
Q3 2010 RPG,  Fantasy 
148 Lara Croft And The Guardian Of
Summer 2010 Adventure,  Arcade,  Action,  Puzzler,  Mystery
149 Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of
2010? Adventure,  Strategy,  Mystery,  Puzzler, 
150 Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild
Apr-08-2010 Shooter,  Action,  Online,  Historic,  Social
151 Legends of Daemonica: Farepoynts
2010? Mystery,  Adventure 
152 Legio May-25-2010 Fantasy,  Management,  Strategy
153 Lego Harry Potter: Years
Jun-25-2010 Arcade,  Adventure,  Retro,  Comedy, 
154 Lego Universe Q3 2010 Arcade,  Management 
155 Lionheart: Kings Crusade Sep-17-2010 Strategy,  RPG,  Historic,  Fantasy, 
156 Lost Horizon 2010? Adventure,  Shooter,  Fantasy
157 Lost Planet 2 Q3 2010 Sci fi,  RPG,  Shooter
158 Love Mar-25-2010 Adventure,  Sandbox,  Online,  Puzzler, 
159 M.U.D TV Mar-31-2010 RPG,  Online,  Strategy,  Comedy,  Social
160 Mafia 2 Aug-27-2010 War,  Crime,  Action,  RPG, 
161 Magicka 2010 RPG,  Adventure,  Fantasy,  Comedy, 
162 Majesty 2: Kingmaker Mar-26-2010 Strategy,  Sandbox,  RPG,  Comedy,  Fantasy
163 Making History II: The War of the
May-25-2010 Strategy,  War 
164 Mass Effect 2 Jan-29-2010 Sci fi,  RPG,  Action
165 Mass Effect 2: Kasumis Stolen
Apr-06-2010 RPG,  Action,  Sci fi
166 Mass Effect 2: Overlord Summer 2010 RPG,  Action,  Sci fi
167 Mass Effect 3 2011 RPG,  Action,  Sci fi
168 Max And The Magic Marker Feb-05-2010 Adventure,  Puzzler,  Comedy
169 Max Payne 3 Q4 2010 Crime,  Mystery,  Shooter,  Action, 
170 Mechwarrior 2010 Sci fi,  Vehicle Sim,  Shooter,  Action, 
171 Mechwarrior: Living
Jan-15-2010 Shooter,  Vehicle Sim,  Sci fi,  War, 
172 Medal of Honor Q3 2010 Shooter,  Action,  War,  Historic, 
173 Mercenary Wars 2010? Shooter,  Action,  War,  RPG, 
174 Metal Gear Solid: Rising 2010? Stealth,  Action,  Shooter,  Sci fi, 
175 Metro 2033 Mar-19-2010 RPG,  Shooter,  Action,  Horror,  Sci fi
176 Mirrors Edge 2 2010? Stealth,  Shooter 
177 MLB 2K10 Mar-02-2010 Sport,  Arcade,  Management
178 Monkey Island 2: Special
Summer 2010 Adventure,  Comedy,  Retro
179 Mortal Online May-01-2010 Online,  RPG,  Action,  Fantasy,  Social
180 Mount and Blade: Warband Mar-30-2010 Fantasy,  RPG,  Sandbox
181 Mytheon 2010 Online,  RPG,  Adventure,  Social,  Historic
182 Naild The Game Q3 2010 Arcade,  Sport,  Vehicle Sim,  Racing, 
183 Napoleon: Total War Feb-26-2010 Action,  Strategy,  Management,  Historic, 
184 Napoleon: Total War - The
Peninsular Campaign
Summer 2010 Strategy,  Action,  Management,  Historic, 
185 Naumachia Jan-01-2010 Shooter,  Arcade,  Sci fi,  War, 
186 NecroVision: Lost
Feb-19-2010 Shooter,  Action,  Horror,  War, 
187 Need For Speed: World
Q4 2010 Racing,  Vehicle Sim,  Online
188 Nuclear Dawn 2010 Shooter,  Strategy,  War,  Sci fi, 
189 Order of War: Challenge Mar-12-2010 Strategy,  War 
190 Out Of The Park Baseball
Apr-14-2010 Sport,  Management 
191 Overgrowth 2010? Horror,  Fantasy,  Action,  Adventure, 
192 Parabellum 2010? Social,  War,  Online,  Shooter,  Action
193 Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada
of the Damned
Dec-01-2010 Action,  Fantasy 
194 Plain Sight Apr-05-2010 Shooter,  Arcade,  Sci fi
195 Pole Position 2010 Apr-20-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Sport,  Management
196 Portal 2 Q4 2010 Adventure,  Comedy,  Puzzler
197 Postal III Q3 2010 Sandbox,  Comedy,  Crime
198 Primal Carnage Sep-10 Online,  Action,  Historic
199 Prince of Persia: The Forgotten
Jun-08-2010 Action,  Arcade,  Fantasy
200 Prison Break Mar-26-2010 Stealth,  Adventure,  Puzzler,  Action, 
201 Pro Evolution Soccer
Oct-10 Sport,  Arcade,  Management
202 Project Offset Unknown Shooter,  Fantasy 
203 Pure Football May-28-2010 Sport,  Arcade,  Management
204 Puzzle Agent Jun-10 Arcade,  Puzzler 
205 Rage Spring 2010 Horror,  Shooter 
206 Real Warfare: 1242 Q1 2010 Strategy,  Historic,  War
207 Red Dead Redemption May-18-2010 Shooter,  Sandbox,  RPG,  Historic,  Crime
208 Red Faction: Armageddon Mar-11 Shooter,  Sci fi 
209 Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of
Q2 2010? Historic,  Shooter,  Strategy
210 Reign: Conflict of
May-18-2010 Strategy,  War,  Historic
211 Ride to Hell 2010 Crime,  Sandbox,  Action,  Adventure, 
212 Rift: Planes of Telara 2011 Social,  Fantasy,  Online,  RPG, 
213 Rig N Roll Apr-16-2010 Racing,  Vehicle Sim 
214 Rise of Prussia Mar-09-2010 Strategy,  Historic,  War
215 Rocket Knight May-18-2010 Arcade,  Retro 
216 Royal Envoy Feb-28-2010 Strategy,  Management 
217 Ruse Sep-10 Historic,  War,  Strategy,  Sandbox,  Action
218 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of
Feb-05-2010 Horror,  Shooter,  Historic,  RPG, 
219 Sail Simulator 2010 May-21-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Sport,  Racing
220 Salvation 2010? Sci fi,  Shooter 
221 Sam and Max: Devils Playhouse 1 -
The Penal Zone
Apr-15-2010 Adventure,  Comedy,  Puzzler
222 Sam and Max: Devils Playhouse 2 -
The Tomb of Sammun-Mak
May-17-2010 Adventure,  Comedy,  Puzzler
223 Sam and Max: Devils Playhouse 3 -
They Stole Maxs Brain
Jun-10 Adventure,  Puzzler,  Comedy
224 Sam and Max: Devils Playhouse 4 -
Beyond The Alley Of The Dolls
Jul-10 Adventure,  Puzzler,  Comedy
225 Sam and Max: Devils Playhouse 5 -
The City That Dares Not Sleep
Aug-10 Adventure,  Comedy,  Puzzler
226 SBK-X Superbike World
May-28-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Sport,  Racing
227 Section 7: Into Arms Way Q3 2010 RPG,  Strategy,  Sci fi,  Management, 
228 Serious Sam 3 2010 Shooter,  Action,  Sci fi,  Fantasy, 
229 Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
Apr-28-2010 Shooter,  Action,  Sci fi,  Fantasy, 
230 <a
7: Paths to a Kingdom</a> 
Mar-26-2010 Adventure,  Strategy,  Management,  Social, 
231 Shank Summer 2010 Action,  Strategy,  Crime
232 Shatter Mar-15-2010 Arcade,  Retro,  Puzzler
233 Ship Simulator Extremes Jul-25-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Management 
234 Shogun 2: Total War TBA 2011 Strategy,  Historic,  War
235 Shrek Forever After Jun-25-2010 Adventure,  Action,  Comedy,  Fantasy, 
236 Silent Hunter 5 Mar-05-2010 Strategy,  Adventure,  Management
237 Simon The Sorcerer 5 Feb-17-2010 Adventure,  Puzzler,  Comedy
238 <a
3: Ambitions</a> 
Jun-30-2010 Sandbox,  Social 
239 Singularity Jun-29-2010 Sci fi,  Horror,  Shooter,  Action, 
240 Sins of a Solar Empire:
Feb-09-2010 Strategy,  Sci fi,  Management
241 Six Days in Fallujah No Release Historic,  War,  Shooter,  Strategy, 
242 Slage 2010 Arcade,  Fantasy 
243 Sleep is Death Apr-16-2010 Adventure,  Mystery,  Retro,  Sandbox, 
244 Sniper: Ghost Warrior Jun-29-2010 Action,  Shooter,  War,  Stealth, 
245 Sol Survivor Mar-15-2010 Strategy,  Arcade,  Sci fi,  Management, 
246 Soul of the Ultimate
2010? Fantasy,  Online,  RPG
247 Spec Ops: The Line Q4 2010 Shooter,  Action,  Stealth,  War, 
248 Spellforce 2: Faith in
2010? RPG,  Action,  Fantasy
249 Split Second May-21-2010 Racing,  Vehicle Sim,  Action
250 Star Trek Online Feb-05-2010 Sci fi,  Social,  Online,  RPG, 
251 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
2010 Action,  Adventure,  Sci fi
252 Star Wars: The Old
Spring 2011 Sci fi,  Online,  RPG
253 Star Wolves 3: Ashes of
Q3 2010 Strategy,  RPG,  Sci fi,  War, 
254 Star Wolves 3: Civil War Mar-02-2010 Strategy,  RPG,  Sci fi,  War, 
255 StarCraft II: Heart of the
2010? Sci fi,  Strategy 
256 StarCraft II: Legacy of the
2010? Sci fi,  Strategy 
257 StarCraft II: Wings of
Jul-27-2010 Sci fi,  Strategy 
258 Stargate Worlds 2010? Sci fi,  Online,  RPG
259 Storm Over The Pacific Jun-15-2010 Strategy,  Management,  War
260 Strategic Command: Global
2010? Action,  Shooter,  Management,  War, 
261 Subversion Q2 2011 Strategy,  Crime,  Stealth
262 Super Laser Racer Feb-19-2010 Sport,  Retro,  Racing
263 Super Meat Boy Mar-01-2010 Arcade,  Adventure,  Puzzler
264 Supreme Commander 2 Mar-05-2010 Sci fi,  War,  Strategy
265 Syberia 3 2010 Adventure,  Mystery,  Puzzler
266 Tera-Online Winter 2010 RPG,  Online,  Fantasy,  Social, 
267 Test Drive Unlimited 2 2010? Vehicle Sim,  Sandbox,  Racing
268 The Agency 2010 Social,  Crime,  Online,  Shooter,  RPG
269 The Elder Scrolls V 2011? Fantasy,  RPG,  Sandbox
270 The Haunted: Hells Reach 2010 Shooter,  Online,  Horror
271 The Misadventures of Mr PB
Apr-20-2010 Arcade,  Adventure,  Puzzler,  Retro, 
272 The Next BIG Thing 2010 Adventure,  Mystery,  Comedy
273 The Pit: Dog Eat Dog 2011 Action,  Arcade,  Sport,  Sci fi,  War
274 The Precursors 2010? Sci fi,  Management,  Vehicle Sim,  RPG,  Sandbox
275 The Secret World 2010 Horror,  Mystery,  Adventure,  RPG,  Online
276 The Sims 3: Design & High-Tech
Feb-05-2010 Sandbox,  Social 
277 The Whispered World Apr-23-2010 Adventure,  Puzzler,  Fantasy
278 The Witcher II Q1 2011 RPG,  Horror,  Fantasy
279 The Witness 2010? Adventure,  Puzzler 
280 Theatre of War 2 - Kursk
Mar-09-2010 Strategy,  War,  Historic
281 Thief 4 2010? Shooter,  Strategy,  Stealth
282 Things on Wheels 2010? Racing,  Vehicle Sim 
283 This is Vegas 2010? Crime,  Sandbox 
284 Tom Clancy Hawx 2 Q3 2010 Vehicle Sim,  Action,  Arcade,  War, 
285 Tom Clancy Splinter Cell:
Apr-16-2010 Stealth,  Action 
286 Tom Clancy: End War 2 2010? Sci fi,  Strategy,  Shooter
287 Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon Future
Q1 2011 Sci fi,  War,  Shooter,  Action, 
288 Tow Truck Simulator Apr-30-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Management 
289 Toy Story 3 Jun-30-2010 Adventure,  Comedy 
290 Trackmania II 2010 Vehicle Sim,  Racing 
291 Transformers: War For
Jun-25-2010 Shooter,  Action,  Vehicle Sim,  Sci fi,  War
292 Treasure Island 2010? Adventure,  Historic 
293 Tron Evolution Nov-01-2010 Action,  Sci fi 
294 Tropico 3: Absolute
May-14-2010 Sandbox,  Comedy,  Management
295 True Crime Q4 2010 Sandbox,  Shooter,  Action,  Crime, 
296 Twilight Mar-19-2010 Social,  Online,  RPG
297 Two Worlds: The
2010? Fantasy,  RPG 
298 Vancouver 2010 Winter
Jan-15-2010 Sport,  Arcade,  Racing
299 Vindictus Late 2010 RPG,  Online,  Social
300 Voltage Uncertain Sci fi,  Vehicle Sim,  Sport
301 VVVVVV Jan-11-2010 Arcade,  Puzzler,  Retro
302 War Of Legends Jan-19-2010 Online,  Strategy,  War
303 Warbirds Dogfights Feb-23-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Online,  War
304 Warhammer 40000 Online 2011 Online,  RPG,  Action,  Sci fi,  Social
305 Wings Of The Luftwaffe Apr-22-2010 Vehicle Sim,  Action,  War
306 Wittard: Nemesis of
2010 Adventure,  Mystery 
307 World of Tanks Autumn 2010 Online,  War,  Historic
308 World of Warcraft:
Sep-24-2010 RPG,  Online,  Fantasy,  Social, 
309 X-Com 2011 Shooter,  Sci fi 
310 Zeno Clash 2 2010? Comedy,  Fantasy,  Action,  Shooter, 
311 Zombie RPG 2010? RPG,  Horror